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(this is gonna be long as hell because Sera was in 6 threads not counting pregame, most of which are pretty long, and i'm a long-winded person so strap in)

So considering everyone else's v2... uh, let's say Experiences, I think I got pretty lucky. Sera isn't a spectacular character by any means, but she's written solidly enough. Her profile made me a little iffy but not in a GIANT RED FLAG way, just in a "do we have to talk so much about the cup sizes and attractiveness of 16-year-olds" way, and otherwise it was fine. Her only pregame threads are both oneshots that are primarily about Tanesha Lexx and have Sera break into her locker, steal her journal, find out that she spread a rumor about another girl, confront Tanesha about it, and imply she's going to ruin her with the information. All of which I'm fine with, but it really is written in service to Tanesha's character, not Sera's, so on we go.

Sera's first thread is another oneshot, this one with her finding the body of a character (Wanda Lovett) whose only mention in the whole game is as an already-dead girl with a suicide note. The writing is good but it's weird how her only reaction to seeing a corpse is "oh my classmates Are here". Also the post refers to Sera as "the blonde girl" and "the blonde-headed girl" way too often but that seems like a nitpick by v2 standards. The next thread has other people in it finally. She laughs hysterically at Adam Amanto (there are so many adams in sotf) pointing a gun at her, Brandon Cuthbert appears literally out of nowhere and is awful (i do not envy whoever has to read this kid), and Sera genuinely seems conflicted on how she's supposed to feel about him because he's killed people but also he's a tiny child? Then Adam and Brandon both go inactive and Megami has Brandon kill Adam and Sera kill Brandon in self defense. So that happened.

Next thread. Sera runs into Jana Brown, who 1. just woke up somehow (it's apparently day 4 how the actual hell) and 2. is a sweetheart who I love immediately. Cyco is a really good writer and does a really good job of making me like Jana immediately even though I'm mostly skimming her parts to get to Sera. Meanwhile Sera immediately gets to wasting the goodwill I've built up toward her character by gleefully lying to and manipulating Jana, and honestly it's again a testament to how much I instantly liked Jana that this is bothering me so much. It's not super out of place for Sera either, from what I've seen of her this doesn't seem OOC or anything, though it's a bit of a rapid shift from "terror" to "master manipulator". She has thoughts at this point about how killing her best friends wouldn't really be THAT hard, though, which makes me nervous.

Thread #4 is long as hell so I'm just gonna be as short as possible about it. There are a lot of people in this thread, one of whom wanders in and out in two very short posts, one of whom appears to be a samurai, and one of whom is Kevin Kapustiak, who seems okay enough. Sera goes very quickly from "this boy is my new meatshield" to "spilling my deepest darkest thoughts" which is... weird. Like one post she's apparently super excited by the possibility of a fight between Kevin and Samurai Boy and the next post she's talking about how fake her friendships were. I dunno, it's just a weird tone shift. Then Kevin... switches handlers????? And suddenly his handler is another character??? I have no idea what's going on in this thread anymore. Sera basically eggs Kevin and the new guy on into a fight (offering herself as a prize which...... ew) and then there's another guy (Also controlled by the guy controlling the guy who's fighting Kevin- Matt- and who Used to be controlling Kevin, and this is awful) who shoots Kevin and he's dead now and what the fuck. And then Matt and the Other Other Guy (Rob) are just like hey girls sorry about your friend lets team up now and Sera's cool with it?? Sure why not. This topic is a clusterfuck of the highest order and I'm tired.

New thread. Sera keeps pingponging between "normal scared girl who knows she's going to die" and "MASTER MANIPULATOR", sometimes in the same post. Jana is still good. Matt kills an innocent girl and no one really cares besides Jana, and Sera and Matt ditch her because Sera's morality is nonexistent in this thread I guess. Then Sera and Matt make out, very much out of nowhere, and it is at this point that I notice that there's a content warning on this topic. Goddammit. They do the Entire do and then Sera kills him. Tragically beautiful. It's... not that bad as far as Sex Murders go?? I don't know how you judge Sex Murders.

LAST THREAD I'M ALMOST DONE THANK U JESUS IN HEAVEN. And it's a oneshot. Where Sera runs into Gail Smith who moralizes at her and then they shoot each other and they both die. It's a long post that somehow still feels rushed.

okay SO this post is really long but final thoughts/TL;DR: Sera's pretty good by v2 standards. The biggest problem I had with her was inconsistency- sometimes she was scared, sometimes fearless, sometimes genuine, sometimes manipulative. She'd have a Revelation in one post and be inspired to be less shitty and then be shitty again in the next post. None of her traits are unrealistic, it's just weird that she bounces between them so much. From a technical standpoint Megami's writing is great, no complaints there. Overall I wouldn't necessarily recommend Sera, most of the characters around her (besides Jana, who is a blessing) are pretty uninteresting and she doesn't run into any of her friends or anything so there just isn't much emotional payoff. Plus her death is just... unsatisfying. With that said, she's by no means a bad character.

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