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'"Sarah. An Linh." He briefly glanced at the other boy. "Guy I don't know yet. I'm glad to see you all."'

So Lance was better than Lester. He woke up, thought about his girlfriend, ran into some other girls who decided he would be okay to travel with, their group was suddenly grand central station as everyone else including 2 Bukowski characters and a Xaldien characters just ran through, and then this happened, summed up by a quote from the wikia that must be seen to be believed:

Lance didn't know it, but he was being watched by the prying eyes of Marimar Perez, who in her insanity believed him to be an evil eel bent on luring her mermaid sisters (An Linh and Sarah) back to his lair and the evil sea witch that lurked within. Marimar pounced from the bushes, impaling Lance on her machete, and that, was that.

It's nice to see inactive deaths always had a touch of weirdness to them. Anyways, Lance was normal and alright but I can't really recommend him because he was one of the biggest crimes in a characters for me: Boring. He didn't have a distinct voice, didn't do anything that wasn't expected of him from his profile, and didn't interact with anyone I was already familiar with (in a positive way - murderous 12-year-olds do not count) and thus he didn't really have a jumping point for me. Read him if you're a completionist I guess.

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