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soooo Adrian Gray (which I'll call AG)

AG is... a goth. Like, not the first one but one of the earlier one in SotF. Like V6's Min-jae but white and more (less?) insufferable. It is worth noting that he is a) full on goth, b) bullied, c) changed his name to make it More Teenagehood-er. I think he could be a workable concept in a later version but he would need a lot of reworking. For example, the tone of his profile is less than stellar, has a lot of issues with grammar and boring stuff like that and, while he does feel like a character that could exist, feels like he was written as a pregame villain.

His pregame interactions are around his gimmick. This reminds I didn't mention it: he's like... really feminine and in denial and not in denial at once. He's kinda like "wow i dont care im feminine" then few minutes later "am i being too feminine i dont understand". First thread he has, he's like "haha im painting something funny" and starts laughing which is a really weird but then it gets weirder when a male students hits on him and the other guy is like "wow you are a pretty girl haha" and randomly raises his sleeve to show self-harm scars like lmao? me?? Also AG pulls a box cutter on him and the guy is like "haha thanks for making me see your book wink wink thats hot"

Second pregame thread was the aftermath of the pregame murder. That is such a weird thread. Like, there was a literal murder and a classmate they knew died, and they are like "haha she died thats sad boohoo murder mystery how kawaii" and it doesn't read as a real scene. I mean personally I would be like "shrug emoji" but like... they are like "this is so weird haha" and moves on? gosh if that's a not a mood.

His first thread is interesting. You can clearly read that AG has a strong dislike toward his classmate: when he hears footsteps in the sewers where he woke up, he decides on killing me. I think that's a good example of how AG was made to be a pregame killing machine. While he could be read a realistic concept, his execution was lacking. The second I read his profile, I knew he was going to be a villain because there was many red flags. Anyways, he takes Joshua Moore's existence as a sign of agressivity and he smashes his skull with... a leather strap? I probably read that wrong but now that's how he score his first and only kill in his first thread in the sewer.

He dies in his second thread after about 4 to 5 posts after the open he made. I'm assuming the month started and he wasn't rolled but then he got rolled and it resulted in... well, him falling from the dam and dying from it. It was a very anticlimatic death: it was hyped up as a fight but then he simply step backward and died in the most common way as possible. Around his death, several characters join like Lavender Heart who are like "wow hah he fell how sad anyways hows the weather".

So thats... all.

AG is a short character that had potential but was limited by the version's standards. He could probably be a very interesting character in a later version but due to him appearing in V2, he iwll probably never be known as a good character. He wasn't bad by any means. He was decent, while he was a villain from the start, you could understand why he was okay with killing people who had bullied him throughout his life. I don't think he left a mark and that people will look back at him like a gem from V2, but I think he could be interesting for new people to read as an example of the standards of V2 without them getting creeped out.

so yay thats all im going to bed
me by naft
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