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I finished Huy Tran. He was one of the longer v2 kids ( 6 whole threads, folks) so I split it into two sessions. I found that his biography was pretty good.

Huy didn't have pregame but finds a school friend he knows in short order, Anna. She's kind of crazy when he finds her because she finds the jizzed on corpse (thanks Sam) of her twin sister. At first she starts rambling about how she should be dead too and Huy calms her down. They travel together and run into Sam himself right after his hands are blown off by a girl who pulled her collar to EXPLODE rather than be raped by him. Sam, now with no hands, runs at Anna. He mistakes her for her dead sister and is convinced she's come back from the dead as a demon and has to kill her. Huy is a sensible guy, he grabs Anna's axe and kills Sam before he can hurt Anna.

Huy is the true hero of this version. The evil has been slain.

But Huy doesn't know what kind of horrible monster Sam was and he feels bad about killing someone even if it was completely justifiable. He thinks about his life at home in which he was doing so much (basketball, advanced classes, working a part time job at McDonalds, looking after 5 sisters) that he almost kills himself. This memory scene actually stuck with me. He's playing with a knife, just sort of looking at it in his hands while thinking about things and then he kind of stops paying attention and slashes a wrist almost without thinking about it. He runs to the bathroom, gets bandages and his parents take him to the hospital. He tells them it was a kitchen accident and though it doesn't look like a kitchen accident, his parents accept that and they never talk about it again. The sequence feels very real and not melodramatic and it shows how much stress he's under to have so much responsibility and I think that also plays into how he acts on the island.

There is something just so soft and pleasant about Huy. He's really kind and he's always trying to raise Anna's spirits and hug her when he feels she's sad. He is someone that I didn't picture as Cyco, the writer (who is excellent with him) but as a real kid.

Both Huy and Damien get BKA awards and Sonia Nguyen delivers them personally. Damien is horrible and I wish Huy would have punched him, but he's too nice. He's over the top psycho in a way that just makes you roll your eyes and is weirdly racist to Huy. Huy just kind of keeps his distance like any normal person would. Sonia delivers their weapons and while Damien is giggling fiendishly and blaming his mother for him ending up in SOTF (seriously, I don't understand this. How is this her fault?) Sonia and Huy speak. It's a good scene and you feel like Huy is you. He asks her why the terrorists are doing this all over again. She says "Pest control" and leaves.

He returns to Anna, they embrace since he's glad they're back together and they leave. They encounter Ricky and Whitney and the four go into a house for the night. The portion with Anna, Whitney, Huy and Ricky is one of the best scenes I've seen in v2. It has a very old-school Battle Royale feel to it. Anna and Whitney both take showers (surprisingly tasteful) and Anna realizes she is in love with Huy. Huy and Ricky keep watch and they discuss escape. Ricky and Huy discuss different methods to inspect the collars, agreeing they can take a look at some corpses and if they manage to get the collars off they can head to the terrorist's base at the marina where there are boats. Ricky hears something outside and he goes to check on it while Huy goes up stairs to check on the girls. The noise is just a dog tipping a trash can. As Huy goes up, Anna wakes up from a nightmare, sees his figure in the dark and stabs him.

Huy is sad to die, but not angry because as he dies Anna tells him she loves him and he realizes he loves her back and he can't be mad at her.

Bonus: She shoots herself right after.

Huy is someone I think could easily be dropped into any of the more "modern" SOTF versions and wouldn't be out of place. The only thing that keeps him from being truly great is his company: Mitsuko's Anna isn't as good as he is. However, I think this is the best she's ever done and Cyco managed to get her up in quality just by being a very good writing partner. Huy is a regular guy with a little depth that seems like a friend. You just want to stay with him forever. If there's ever a Second Chances 3 I'd like to play with him if I can get permission. I can recommend him, with the caveat that Anna and Damien aren't nearly as good. But yeah, check this guy out.
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