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Alrighty, Justin Moore! Written by Dan, who was a pretty good writer and stuff!

Profile! So, right off the bat, I’ve got a good feeling about this one. His hobbies are normal things that I would expect a teenager to do. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about Justin’s physical appearance. Sure, if he was a character from a recent version he’d need a lot more details, and it explains that he has a (normal!) medical condition that doesn’t seem like it would fit into his appearance, but he’s from V2, back when we were less strict with stuff. I have no complaints so far. His bio is pretty good, too! There’s nothing out of the ordinary about him, sure it has some tonal issues and is lacking in detail, but as I said before, this is V2, so it’s excusable. Overall, I’m optimistic about his time on the island, though I haven’t run into him before in all of my V2 reading. Oh golly, he’s got five threads, too!

ISLAND TIME! Justin’s first thread is a oneshot, in which he wakes up in the sewers, notices it smells like a sewer, speedreads his weapon guide, decides against playing, notices it smells like a sewer again, and then leaves. It’s decent. I don’t have much to say about it, but it’s solid.

Thread dos! Justin heads over the the mansion ruins, where he finds another smelly thing. This time, it’s a corpse! Wooooooooooooooooo! Man, Justin’s been having some bad luck with odors today. There’s some OOC Megami yelling at Dan action, and then Justin leaves the thread because the mansion became a DZ, and nobody joined his thread because like everyone else was inactive or killing inactives. Oh well.

In his next thread, Justin heads over to the residential district, stumbling upon Maggie Heartgreeder’s dead body. He uses a stick to grab Maggie’s bag from the electrified pool of water she died in, and then he takes a nap. His next post is one IRL month later, in which he leaves the thread because nobody joined. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Next thread.

In this thread, Justin is joined by Blake Ross (a personal V2 favourite), which is a good thing, because now Justin can actually do something. YAY! They have a short conversation, and then Justin leaves. This was actually a pretty good thread; like, there’s a bit of dialogue that doesn’t make that much sense, but otherwise it was neat. Next thread.

This is Justin’s last thread, and it is rather fittingly titled “This is the End”. (HMMM SUBTLETY). Looks like he’s gone inactive now. Shoot. Well, now he’s being written by Kyle, and it is dark and spoooooooooooky outside. Justin immediately decides he’s playing now (thanks V2), but then some rando starts shooting (it’s not even mentioned who), and Justin’s like “YIKES!” and runs away. Mid-run, Justin falls over and lands on his knife (THE OG KNIFE-FALL DEATH, BEAT THAT V3!), and in the midst of his “AHHHHH I LANDED ON A KNIFE THE PAIIIIIIIIIIN!” writhing, he falls down a manhole and explodes or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Conclusion: Justin had a lot of wasted potential, but aside from going inactive, none of it is his fault. Like, he could’ve been really cool just being a normal person on an island full of not-normal people, but unfortunately nobody ever joined his threads (aside from Blake Ross, who was one of V2’s rare normal people). He was good while he actually had a chance to interact with people, but alas nobody ever interacted with him.

Another one!
Ravioli Marill - Today at 9:49 AM
(Mariavel is Kermit)

Some people that might be in V7 (or not):

Michael Froese: "Is it bad that I hope today's the day Richard finally fucking snaps, brings a gun to school, and shoots me in the head? Because I really can't deal with this shit anymore."

Valerija Bogdanovic: "If we as a society continue using words like "cuck" or "Reagan fetishist" to describe those who's political views differ from our own, we will accomplish nothing. Alienating each other will just lead to further division. If I were to insult you straight to your face, it's not like you'd hold my opinion with any merit."

Maxwell Fenster: "Okay then."

V1 sprites!

mini stuff!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Wow look here's a big ol' spotify playlist, listen to it (only if u want im not ur boss)!
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