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Maggie Heartgreeder was too nice for SOTF.

Her pregame is pretty good. She starts in a bit of an odd situation, dealing with the aftermath of Kim Jones-Laramie's murder, but she handles it rather realistically, panicking at the idea of someone dying in school and trying to get her mind off of such awful things. From there she just goes on about her day, being fairly pleasant aside from a few harsh thoughts about Siouxie Sioux that she immediately chastises herself for thinking. She's not outlandish or gimmicky, she's just... normal. And it works.

On the island, Maggie worries about players and the possibility of dying, but she still tries to be nice and help people when they just so happen to blunder her way. She does get nervous after more people start to show up, particularly in the case of one Garry Dodd, and she leaves.

Her deathpost is a bit of an odd spot for me. It's a massive series of flashbacks set to Sarah McLachlan's "In the Arms of an Angel" just as a power line falls into a puddle and electrocutes her, killing her instantly and painlessly. It's not badly written, but I think that there may be just a bit too much going on at once. Then again, I suppose that oneshots are there for us to experiment in such a way.

Maggie's a good read written by a competent writer, and I think I could recommend her. You won't find brutal fights or high drama, but you'll get a nicely written, consistent character, and that's a pretty good deal.

Another character, please.
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