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Why, hello there.
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An interest that Sorenson has is in gory movies, he claims that they are an indulgence (of course what he doesn’t say is that he had a full hard on during House of 1000 corpses, mostly because it would ruin his reputation and he assumes it was hormones), so Sorenson is just your average guy...except for a slight incident in a movie theater of course, but don’t worry it probably is insignificant.

You can ignore everything else in Sam’s profile, because once he gets to the island, this is pretty much the only part that seems to have been important as far as his handler was concerned. His story begins with a series of four (count ‘em) one-shots, each one more disturbing and difficult to read than the last. I consider myself fairly desensitized to that sort of stuff, and even then I found a lot of them difficult to read.

Right from the get-go, Sam has a wet dream about brutally raping and murdering one of his classmates, and things only slide downhill from there. After a dream conversation with his “darker self”, he jettisons the entire personality listed in his profile and roleplayed in pregame and becomes a collection of the most despicable and evil character traits that the author could think of. He then proceeds to have sex with two corpses, described in graphic detail, while revealing in a flashback that his father is also a necrophiliac. In the last post of the series of one-shots, he strips naked and runs off with the goal of finding and raping Whitney Acosta.

When we come to his first actual thread, it’s probably no surprise that Sam doesn’t enter until the final page, completely ignoring everything that happened before him and flashing his “eleven inches of man” at the people inside before immediately running away.. His post begins with a note that says ((WARNING: NC-17 CONTENT)) as if inviting everyone inside to avoid reading it. After a quick “what the fuck” reaction from the two characters still in the thread, they immediately begin talking about something else and never mention what happened again.

His next thread begins in the same way, but even worse somehow. It begins with a fairly decent post containing Lee-Ann Collier sadly reflecting on her situation by a lake and trying to feed a stray cat that she had found. Clearly not impressed with the muted reaction that he got the last time, Sam enters the thread and immediately ejaculates on her face, with his described penis size seemingly having doubled since the last thread. The thread, now suitably derailed, results in Sam decides to finally cover his nakedness by borrowing clothes from the girl. Unfortunately, this being Sam Sorenson we’re talking about, we’re treated to a graphic description of the process of tucking his massive erection into the Lee-Ann’s small panties, before he then decides to complete the ensemble with a dress. As if to torment the reader with a small hint of reprieve, the religious beliefs mentioned in his profile come back for a couple brief posts before he immediately resumes fantasizing about brutal rape.

Coming right off of declaring to himself his intention to rape and murder Lee-Ann, he immediately falls madly in love with her. Sam’s next post after that is written by Lee-Ann’s handler, and is probably the best quality post that Sam gets in his entire run. Here we get a bit of introspection from Sam’s point of view, and while he’s still a little twisted and evil, his justification for wanting to murder Lee-Ann is given more thought than “I LIKE RAPE”, which is nice.

Unfortunately, right after this sudden increase in post quality, he and Lee-Ann go inactive and are adopted by Mitsuko2. I was pleasantly surprised to see Mitsuko actually attempt to roleplay as the characters she adopted for once rather than unceremoniously have Mariavel kill them off in a single sentence, Nevertheless, their final thread isn’t too interesting to read, with both of them ending up killed off fairly quickly, with Sam basically turning into a feral beast after Lee-Ann detonates her own collar to avoid getting raped, and rushes Huy Tran and Anna Dibenidetti before getting immediately put down in a matter of seconds.

In conclusion: As a SOTF character, Sam fails pretty hard. He exists solely to shock and disgust the reader, and immediately attempts to derail any thread that he enters. As an experiment to test the boundaries of what horrific extremes a handler can get away with without being being shut down by the site’s moderators, Sam is unfortunately a success. He’s memorable, and not in a good way, sadly. Regardless, I’m still glad that I read him, if only for the bragging rights of saying that I have read what is perhaps SOTF’s worst character.

I was really tempted to stop rolling characters here, but I suppose there’s nowhere to go but up, quality-wise. I’ll take another one.
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