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I guess I was lucky to get one of Cyco's, he's a solid writer, though it does seem his best was saved for Bryan. Anyway. Andrew's a perfectly decent character, I didn't much like him at first but he grew on me, and his progression from the skater dork you see in pre-game, to the poor little guy just trying to hold it together, down to his untimely end ultimately wholly not cut out to be the group's sole survivor... it's naturalistic and believable, and I really felt bad for him, not least for his father gruesome demise.

Ratings out of ten are a meme so I'll just conclude with; Andrew Swainson is solid, well written, engaging and brisk enough that he doesn't take super long to finish. Would recommend as one of the stronger parts of V2.

I might come back for another, but don't roll me one just yet.
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