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You know, Sylvea Hill isn't a bad character at all!

She starts her journey alongside Garry Dodd and Lester Treskington, who quickly break into a fight. She manages to keep her cool for the most part, but she's pretty weirded out by what she witnessed, which provides good reason for her to leave them and go solo. Her second thread features her getting injured and being tended to by Vesa Turunen. Unfortunately, the two of them get paranoid and wind up fighting. Vesa gets the upper hand and ends up killing Sylvea, who encounters a cluster of old memories in the moments before her death.

Aside from a few technical slip-ups, I have little to complain about involving Sylvea. She had a pretty unique voice, and she came across as pretty relatable. Even when she collapsed into paranoia, the rational part of her could still be seen trapped under the layers of fear and aggression. She's a short read, and the death post may be a little over-the-top for some, but I found her to be pretty decent.

And on that note, I would like to request another character.
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