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i love him, i love him, i love him, i love him
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Sylvea Hill's reaction to Lester's appearance was "..." and that pretty much just sums up mine as well. He wasn't the worst, just...a bizarre combination of a handler using one of his own characters to prop his flagship/SI up, fight scenes being written by someone who is not good at fight scenes, circumventing logic in order to set up a kill, and a death I'm pretty sure was taken from Mortal Kombat. I've read him twice now and I've forgotten nearly everything about him apart from the fact he's apparently an asshole, but only because that's the first line of his profile biography.

ETA: I'm pretty sure there are less fingers on my hands than there are handlers who have used Mad World in their songposts.

I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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