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Eric Silvstedt was a frustrating read for me. In his first thread he comes off as a complete psycho, and whenever he's with his friend Ricky Callahan (who he happens to share a handler with, for the record) he's just kinda shunted off to the side so Ricky can take center stage. However, in his pregame oneshots, he came across as a much more interesting character. His flaws were still present, most notably his anger and inability to refer to his mother with anything other than pure hatred, but other nuances to his character were apparent. His miserable station in life was emphasized and used to show how he became such an angry, negative person, yet at the same time, he also cares greatly about his siblings and wants to protect them. He is also aware of his flaws and, as shown in the thread where he meets with his therapist, wants to deal with these issues. So at the end of pregame, he comes off as a person with a lot of deeply-rooted issues, but is still redeemable.

However, all of that goes straight out the window on the island, where he immediately decides that he wants to play because, in his words, it's a competition, and he's a competitor. All that complexity involving his family and personal problems goes out the window as he decides that he's out to kill everyone in order to win. This gets particularly repugnant when he mocks Matthias Kovalenko by implying that his sister may be getting raped or murdered while he's not there to watch out for her. Considering that Eric had worried about the same sorts of things happening to his siblings before the island, it seems pretty out-of-character for him to attack someone like that.

I'm not saying that I'm opposed to people becoming players on the island. That's one of the things that makes the SOTF story keep going on. Rather, I'm bothered that Eric instantly becomes a really generic-minded player as soon as he wakes up. And then his death thread comes along and, while it is quite well-written, ultimately proves what I had feared in pregame, which was that he was a prop for Ricky's story all along. He tries to kill Whitney, but Ricky interrupts him and causes his death by accident. It's a sad scene, but Eric doesn't get the focus. Ricky does. But then again, that's a problem pretty much any time handlers kill off their own characters with their other characters.

I really wanted to be positive about Eric and recommend him, but I can't really do it. The pregame oneshots where he's on his own are worth giving a look, but his story as a whole is kind of disappointing.

Another character, please.
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