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Joshua Moore only had a grand total of 3 posts in one thread but his writing is good and his last post in which he dies is nearly a masterpiece that crams an entire life history into one post.

He's a boy originally from Alabama who loves music. There are some hints to what happened in his bio which is all explained in the death post, but he was raised in a religious household and realized he was gay at a young age. His parents take him to a traumatic church experience that tries to pray the gay out of him and when relating this story to a new friend he finds sympathy from him and they fall in love. Through bad luck his family finds out about the relationship and they move from Alabama to New Jersey to the new school (a reason to move that makes sort of sense? WHAT IS THIS?). His old boyfriend is sent to conversion therapy and pretends to be "fixed." Josh calls him one last time and David tells him he'll always love him. Josh can't deal with his feelings of homosexuality conflicting with his parents telling him his preferences are sinful so he punishes himself by vomiting up his food because he feels like he's going to hell. Even so, he starts sleeping with boys and girls to try and fill the void in his heart by David whom he still loves and who loves him, though they can't be together.

He dies, remembering that his parents told him that his bulimia and homosexuality will send him to hell, really believing that he's about to be sent to Hell.

It's a tremendously sad, but quick read that I would recommend.

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