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i'm not upset
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Just finished Carmen and boy was that depressing.

Her bio makes her out to be a sort of queen bee popular mean girl. She has one pregame thread where she's a little menacing, but talks to a fat unpopular girl. It's kind of nice, even though she's still being a bit mean in her thoughts.

In her first thread she meets Andrew Ponikarovsky and they are honestly pretty charming. She puts on an act of being an innocent bimbo to get her to trust him and he does because he's a good guy. As they talk she lets real things about her slip and she starts to wonder if putting on this act even in real life is what causes her to attract men, but also causes them never to stay long. They have a kind of cute moment together and start driving away in a van.

Then Mitusko adopts her. The quality in writing drops and she becomes the porn version of herself. Out of no where she is bending over, propositioning people, licking her lips, talking about what she likes in sex. Gone is whatever depth she might have had before with Andrew. She fools around with Rob (I think it was Rob) and says she doesn't want to go all the way so he calls her a whore and that makes her amused. Great.

She gets killed quickly and suddenly along with two other people in a Mariavel spree kill thread. I'm really disappointed considering how good she started off that she becomes sexed up Mariavel fodder.
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