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So! Rupert Stockton was a Trip.

His profile is honestly much more interesting than his on-game stay, but in all the worst ways. tl;dr Rupert is a Fat Angry Bully with all the inherent stereotypes. OK, boring. What's not boring is why he became this way, and I'm honestly offended. His father has basically been raping, molesting and abusing his entire family their entire lives, and it continues up until Rupert is abducted. He forces him to have sex with his sister and mother. Also, his father apparently gets away with this because he's a policeman. I'm really really really not a fan of how this is used to explain Rupert's bullying ways, and it simply should not be there. It is not handled well at all.

Pregame, he's used as a high school bully to make Andrew Ponikarovsky look good. Onto the island we go.

On the island, he shows up for one post, where it's stated that he's simply dropped from the plane onto the island, yet he survives because he's cushioned by his fat. Not a doctor but I don't think that's How It Works. Then, he trades insults with Jonathan Michaels, who points a gun at him and tells him to screw off. Rupert is written by Dodd, so at the very least, his writing is technically competent. Also, I appreciate how he actually at least attempts to have a moral dilemma regarding killing people, although this quickly goes the way of most bullies, the old 'oh I hate everyone so SOTF is the best thing ever' approach.

Now, his death.

This is a Mariavel Inactive Massacre Thread, and basically he tries to attack her with a stiletto right after she kills Alex Ovechkin. A total of around two sentences are devoted to his death.

Overall, I'm really really annoyed with how rape and incest are just wantonly used in his profile, and Rupert Stockton is the definition of fodder. Nothing more.

Next please!
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