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Alice fell back as Fiyori pushed her away, the back of her head hitting the floor sharply as she did so. She held her injured head and loudly sucked air through her teeth as she rolled over to look back at Fiyori.

Fiyori was laughing, and it wasn't the kind of laugh that Alice was used to hearing. It wasn't a light chuckle, nor was it a belly laugh like someone had told her a really funny joke. No, this laugh sounded straight-up demented, like something out of a scary movie. It was pretty horrifying to hear coming from an actual person that was only about a foot or two away from her.

Somehow, this situation was even more like a bad dream than it already was. Alice felt like at any moment, one of her friends would wake her up and she would be on the bus, or maybe at home, recovering from a really awful nightmare.

Alice watched Fiyori get to her feet and prepared for the worst, but something weird happens. Fiyori stared her dead in the eyes, but she didn't aim the gun at her. Actually, it looked like she was pointing it away on purpose. Was it really hesitation? Was this the thing that Alice was hoping for? Could she really get through to her?

... No. She couldn't count on that. Diplomacy wouldn't work here. Fiyori came in guns blazing and laughing like a maniac. Alice couldn't trust a word that came out of her mouth, although it looked like talking had gone off the table as an option for her a while ago. She had to get out, and she had to do it fast before Fiyori started getting wild again. She placed her hands on the ground and picked herself up, keeping a sharp eye on Fiyori's gun the whole time.

Alice's eyes widened as she saw the gun move back towards her.

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