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Unfortunately for Alice, it was not Fiyori's dominant arm that she entangled. Had it been in a different situation, perhaps where Fiyori was healthy and nourished, she would have thrown Alice to the side in a moment.

Unfortunately for Fiyori, she was still injured. Pain seared in her side and - ah, yes, that was it. That was the thing she longed for. It was pain. Her body, hers and hers alone was aching and screaming and maybe bleeding and that was the best.

As Alice was wiggling, Fiyori spotted a moment where her foe's movement weakened for a moment. She took the chance, and rolled to the side. She laughed, and as she landed on the side she kicked with her knee and pushed with her arm and soon Fiyori was free again.

Her eyes darted to the side. Her gun in her hand again, she rose to her feet. Fiyori stumbled on them, took a misshapen step back, but aimed the gun at the girl below her. Their eyes met for a moment, and a breath's moment passed.

Fiyori aimed the gun away from Alice.
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