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Success! Alice managed to bring Fiyori to the ground, but she still had the issue of the gun to deal with. She couldn't get a good eye of where the weapon was, so she tried to restrain the taller girl as best she could. She wrapped her arms and legs around Fiyori's thin frame, managing to entangle an arm. She wasn't sure if it was Fiyori's dominant arm, but anything that kept her from continuing to attack would be useful.

"Run!" She called out to the others, trying to clear the room before Fiyori would wiggle free. Alice had never been the strong or athletic type, but she had a death grip on the other girl and wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon, at least not until she knew how she would escape this situation once her friends had made it out. Her mind was running at high speed, trying to plan her next move.
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