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Who is this sassy lost child
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Raina shrugged in response to Penelope's question, attempting a casualness that she couldn't quite sell. "Oh, you know, the usual. Just been chilling at home and watching some shows before school gets back in."

She reclined back in the beanbag, scuffing her heel against Penelope's floor and trying not to look like she had anything pressing on her mind.

Of course, she ended up voicing it anyway. She never kept anything from her best friend for long.

"Cris is just being dumb lately, is all."
"Art enriches the community, Steve, no less than a pulsing fire hose, or a fireman beating down a blazing door. So what if we're drawing a nude man? So what if all we ever draw is a nude man, or the same nude man over and over in all sorts of provocative positions? Context, not content! Process, not subject! Don't be so gauche, Steve, it's beneath you."

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