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Candice tried to ignore the pain in her limbs as she lay on the floor. While it would have been nice and action-y to describe herself as having dove onto the ground to dodge the gunfire, the truth was that with Candice's physical capabilities, it was more like a semi-deliberate fall. Her knees and forearms were all scraped up, and given the condition of the floor probably infected with who-knows-what, but those were at best minor inconveniences that were more than balanced out by the fact that as far as she could tell, Candice had not been shot.

Well, it seems that they weren't aiming for me anyway.

Keeping herself to the floor, Candice tried to look at the situation. The gunshot had been accompanied by a scream that she was pretty sure had been Bryony's. She must have been on the floor as well, because Candice couldn't see her from where she was.

She had probably been hit. Candice couldn't tell for sure, but neither could she bring herself to move closer to get a better look. Or to help, for that matter. She couldn't bring herself to budge from her current position because of the girl in the doorway.

Fiyori Senay. That girl had somehow managed to sneak up... no, it wasn't really sneaking if Candice's group hadn't been paying attention to their surroundings. It was something that they had previously been more careful about, but learning about Sandra's fate had affected them. They had gotten lax. As such, Fiyori now stood in the exit to the room, holding a gun that was just waiting to be fired again.
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