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Hmm. I'm not seeing much in the way of Randomness defending themselves, which is a bit suspicious. I think MurderWeasel's logic concerning me vs. Randomness is fairly consistent, and of course I'm hardly going to assume I am Scum in those hypothetical scenarios. It does explain my suspicion that Bus Driver seems a bit too specific a role, if this was all just premeditated. Something I noticed looking back again is that I claimed Doctor before the Night 3 massacre that took out Skraal, so it would have been easier for Mafia with their meta knowledge to craft something sneaky as a cover story. I don't entirely agree with some of the specifics, I still think Deamon is second most suspicious because as far as I'm aware he's doing something similar to Randomness. But that's a secondary point.

I'm going to bank on trusting MW here and I'm encouraging a vote train, and if I'm wrong we ded, so.

Vote: Randomness

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