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If Cicada is scum and Randomness is town, then Randomness is telling the truth about having swapped Cicada with Skraal. That means that somebody did indeed shoot at Cicada (instead killing Skraal). Since scum wouldn't shoot one of their own, that means some town role decided to shoot the non-counter-claimed Doctor, and scum somehow missed or held their shot. That's super improbable.

If Cicada and Randomness are both scum, on the other hand, then they can just say whatever because they knew in advance where the shots were going and such, and just shot Skraal and then had Randomness claim in order to foster town cred for both Cicada and Randomness.

If Cicada is town and Randomness is scum, then Randomness, with the scum team, decided to pop Skraal basically to hit someone the doctor would likely not be protecting, and cooked up the claim to establish Randomness as a town voice. If Cicada's town, that ruse works just the same--maybe even better, since there's an actual town voice going "Oh, that makes loads of sense as to why I didn't die!" The payoff in this instance is establishing cred for Randomness, which would also explain the odd manner and timing of the claim.

If both are town (which I doubt) then they're just telling the truth.
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