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Alice felt like she had just been punched in the head. The gunshot hadn't harmed her, but the sound left her ears ringing and her head pounding. Startled, she turned on her stool and dropped to the ground, looking to the entrance to see who had just tried to assassinate her and her friends.

The appearance of Fiyori Senay combined with the rain gave her pause. Her mind returned to that day when Fiyori had walked home with her. She had seemed so nice back then. The present situation was almost like a cruel mockery. Once more they had met each other in a downpour, but now Fiyori had a smoking gun in her hands that she clearly had no qualms about using.

This island really did things to people. Terrible things.

Alice basically had every disadvantage possible. Fiyori was at least a foot taller than her, she had a weapon, and she had killing intent. Alice, by comparison, was unarmed and just wanted herself and her friends to be able to live, which was looking more and more like a tall order with every passing moment.

The rational part of her mind didn't know what to do, so the impulsive part took over. She made the decision to rush Fiyori. The other girl was taller, but she was really skinny. If Alice could get one good shot on her at full speed, she might be able to topple her and escape with Bryony and Candice. She may not have had a weapon, but she had five feet and one hundred pounds of desperation at her disposal, and she was going to use it.

She pushed off with her bad leg, feeling a burning sensation. She didn't care. She was fully focused on tearing across the room to get at Fiyori.
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