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"I'm sorry"

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Battle Royale]]

"I am not."

With that, Fiyori stepped out from the darkness and fired the Raging Bull. It still felt like an odd gun, with the way it jerks Fiyori's body, even though she had used it some time now. Honestly, even she herself would have spontaneously said that she wasn't good at hitting people with it. Despite, of course, killing two anyway.

Fiyori scratched her chin. It might have been possible for the three to see her already. After all, if Fiyori could look into the art room from the corridor, the trio could reasonably look from the art room into the corridor. Either way, she decided she would enter the room. So she started walking slowly to the room.

When the ringing of the gun subsided, Fiyori could hear the clouds coming.
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