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((Candice Banks continued from INSOMNIA))

They shouldn't have let Sandra go off on her own.

That seemed to be the running theme from the last week of Candice's life. Any time she parted ways with someone, they turned up dead before she had a chance to see them again. Like, literally every time. No exceptions.

No survivors.

It may have been worse in this case because Sandra's death seemed all that more preventable. After all, if someone you travelled with got gunned down while on their own, there's at least that feeling sometimes that you wouldn't have made a difference. That feeling where you know that if you had been present, it would've just ended with you taking a bunch of bullets as well. But this was an accident... how hard would it have been for someone who was there to just warn Sandra that the edge of the roof looked dangerous?

As a result, Candice had imposed a new rule on herself. No matter what happened, she wouldn't let Bryony or Alice out of her sight.

Well, a phrase like "imposing a rule" might be a bit too strong, implying that Candice was going to some great lengths to avoid breaking her vow. The fact of the matter was that none of them -- not Alice, not Bryony, not Candice herself -- had any willpower left. It was easy to keep the three of them together when nobody had the desire to go anywhere in the first place.

After yesterday's wake-up call regarding their food supplies, Candice had limited herself to half a ration yesterday, and now with the arrival of a new day she was truly and completely out. Bryony should have been out as well, and while she hadn't pressed Alice for exactly how much food she had left, it probably couldn't be that much. So on top of being demoralized, the three of them -- or at the very least, Candice -- had next to no energy left. Nobody was just "gonna walk around" anymore.

It's not like there was anyplace that they could go, as well. As of this morning, this building where their group had chosen to hide out had become the only choice for a hideout. Candice found it amazing how quickly she had gone from feeling entrenched to feeling entrapped.
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