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Arthur couldn't find the words for a retort. Both Lili and Caedyn were against him, here, and he was sandwiched between two dissenting voices. Instead, he sat down in a huff, gazing at the screen just as Fiyori left Min-Jae behind. He wasn't all too sure that he'd make it - he looked incredibly rough around the edges, like he was barely holding on to life - but judging from how far he had managed to get he figured that he had at least enough to make it a little further on.

He thought about muttering something about Kimiko murdering someone right in front of him, but decided that it wasn't worth the trouble of another scolding.

Lili found the other girl's compliments somewhat confusing. She wasn't exactly taking her side here, was she? That wasn't what she was trying to do at all. Arthur was just being a bit of a dick, that's all. Still, making friends while dead wasn't the worst thing she could be doing. She could be drinking or looking for smokes, which wasn't altogether the worst, since she was, y'know, dead, but it would probably piss off a lot of people and put everyone in a bad mood.

"Just give her a nasty look," Lili said to Caedyn, "like, surprise! I'm still here! I'm still able to claw your face off!"

"I get the feeling she's the kind of person who may have banked on this not being where she ended up," Arthur added in an effort to be constructive, "so, yeah. Just growl at her. I can do that too, since, I mean, she killed someone in front of me."

"Awww, ain't you special now, Arthur?"

"...I was trying to be relatable."
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