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Arthur let Caedyn's words sink in for a moment. It was a struggle to remind himself that, even though what happened on the screen just actually happened, and even though he knew better, everyone was something different to everyone else, even in death. His rage subsided, if only briefly, but enough to return some level of calm to him.

"I don't exactly know," Arthur continued, "if you spent your time trying to save people's lives while they had been impaled all the way through with a goddamn spear, or if you went out like that, but unless you did, then I don't know what you're trying to accomplish here, by talking about her in that way, other than making yourself feel better."

The explosion on screen had done nothing to shake Arthur's focus, but Lili had become entranced by the screen again. Letting go of Arthur's arm, her gaze returned to the screens. Of the four screens that caught the explosion, two were left, though one was actively trying to convince the other that it was dead. Lili decided she liked this Fiyori girl, who was kicking around corpse heads and pulling truces out of nowhere. She was definitely in the grade above, though. That must be why she didn't altogether recognize her. Was there anyone left she did recognize? Lili looked at the other screens, and put a finger to her lip.

"Disagree," she said, at Arthur's last word, "nope, but that's just kind of, fucking, we spent the last few hours doin' a goddamn rifftrax on these people's lives and you're gonna call her out for doing her thing?"

She offered him the popcorn.

"Just take a seat," she said, "there are people left alive, still."
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