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Lili's attention wandered over to someone else nearby. A rather vocal commentator on the current firefight, she had been saying things as if she had personal ties to some of the people on screen. Lili felt somewhat uncomfortable with her presence so close, the possibility of her wandering over and spoiling the peaceful moment she had cooked up with Arthur, but keeping her at a distance and eavesdropping on her monologue was entertainment enough. The lull in the firefight had gone on for a decent amount of time, and the silence was beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable.

Arthur, meanwhile, had his eyes and ears peeled to the screen, unable to take his eyes off of the dying body of his friend Alba. He wasn't altogether able to understand if their encounter in the Gym was enough to make them friends, but he felt that the both of them witnessing what happened with Bradley and Kimiko brought them together in a way that only they could understand. Maybe it wasn't the same for her, or Bryony - still running around on one of the other screens - or even to Coleen, but at the very least he understood the solidarity. To see Alba bleeding to death at the hands of the same aggressor made him want to scream, kick the screen in, to do something, but instead he internalized it and sat silently. It was just as Lili said - everything would be better off if he did something.

"God I hope they leave you bleeding out."

That was too much for him to take.

To Lili's surprise, Arthur stood up, apparently listening to the other girl's words the entire time. Indeed, he turned to face her directly, a quiet rage unfolding on his face.

The feeling carried him to his feet before he even knew what words he was going to say.

"You," he started, "how dare - why - she is so - I knew her!"

Lili really couldn't believe her eyes. He hadn't shown any indication of being so emotional during their conversation about their lives, and he didn't bat an eye at her whole Spiderland business. She had gotten the read that maybe part of him had bled out on the island and stayed there, and that she was talking to some kind of husk, but his emotional outburst now told her otherwise. Had she forgotten that quiet, reserved people existed? She herself was reserved, if not somewhat bubbly, before the ordeal. Looking back on it, she had gone somewhat insane. It was Arthur's time to shine now. She'd let him get it all out of his system, while he was dead and had time to get his feelings sorted.

So why was she tugging his arm down and shouting at him to stop?

Before she could answer that question, however, three of the remaining screens erupted in a brilliant flash of light and noise.
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