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((Alice Baker continued from 1ИS∅MИ1∀))

Their search for Sandra bore no fruit. They searched as much of the asylum as they could until they were too tired to continue, but they couldn't find her. It seemed like she had only been gone for a few minutes when they left to find her, so why did she seem to just disappear?

Well, once morning came, their search was effectively over, since the announcements revealed that she had died after falling off the roof. Alice didn't really want to trust anything that the terrorists said, but at the same time... she was pretty sure that the announcements had always been accurate, so she didn't see any reason to doubt it. She felt profound disappointment at the revelation, and that didn't improve when the announcement ended by revealing that thanks to the setup of the Danger Zones, they were now essentially locked in the asylum until their ordeal came to an end.

Alice's hopes of escape were fading. Sandra was dead, they still had no weapons between the three of them, and their movement had been severely restricted. She didn't voice these concerns, though. In fact, she didn't say much of anything after the announcement for fear of bringing the mood down.

Eventually, they found their way to the art therapy room, one of the only places left where they could get a somewhat decent view of the outdoors thanks to the massive structural damage. Alice placed herself on a stool and looked outside, wondering if she would ever be able to experience that sort of freedom again.

Dark clouds were rolling in, and she could hear thunder. Rain was coming.
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