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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Caedyn frowned up at the few remaining lit screens from her sprawled out position on the couch. "Ugh. Pleeeeaaaase shoot Jae in his stupid cunt face, Fi. I almost couldn't be mad about you killing me anymore if you pull that off." Probably wasn't happening, though. From the look of things she was on the run while Alba played the big brave hero. Ja, it must be nice to have a meatshield. It was nice when she had a meatshield. If she saw Oskar around here somewhere she was gonna rant at him until he killed himself a second time.

Nobody else here was of any interest to her. Some girl she didn't know was grilling people for information but it was kinda...fucking duh, yeah, what do you think's going on? From the look of it they all had their own screen so she should have figured that out. If Caedyn had to place a bet she'd figure her for one of the who walked up on the wrong person or threw themselves off a roof or something in the first couple of days. Nobody here seemed like they had the guts to actually make it that far unless they were really, really lucky.

Why the fuck was she stuck here with them?

She'd been great. Kimiko had gotten the drop on her that one time, but that was it. If it hadn't been two on one on top of Fi getting so, so crazy lucky, she'd be the one out there shooting Jae in the face while Fi and Alba tried to figure this place out. It just wasn't fair. Did everybody end up here? Or was it a sorting hat kinda scene where everybody got lumped into arbitrary groups? Like Oskar, or Bridgette, or Cass, or Jeremy.

Or Jasmine.

Caedyn wasn't sure how to feel about that one.

The thought was shoved out of her head as her eyes flicked over to focus on Alba's screen. "God I hope they leave you bleeding out," she mumbled grumpily to herself.
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