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Nate kept crying into Matt’s chest. He couldn’t do this to him, not after everything he’d done. He couldn’t just say he’d given up, that it was all up to him. Nate couldn’t handle that, he wasn’t strong enough. He couldn’t lose Matt.

But of course, he did. He heard the roar of the gun, the sound of bullets tearing into flesh. He felt Matt’s blood pour down over his arms from the bullet holes in his back.

He couldn’t move, but he had to look up. He saw Matt. He saw that there was nothing left.

Matt fell, because Nate couldn’t hold him up. He hit the floor, and lay there. That was it.

Nate screamed.

He fell on top of Matt, grabbed at his shirt, screamed his name. He held on as tight as he could, he did everything he could think to do, but none of it mattered.

Everything fell away, as he screamed Matt’s name.
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