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"You said you were in some kind of pacifist group?"

Lili smiled and nodded, sinking back into the couch, shoveling some more popcorn into her mouth as she watched the screen. What was once the site of a failed quiet revolution was now once again being torn to shreds by gunfire. This time, though, it wasn't just one lone assailant. The whole room was enveloped in a kerfuffle the likes of which she had never seen, a mishap so large that a word like skirmish just wouldn't do. She was sure that there was some term, something clever and two words long, that would fit what was going on in that room just nicely.

Shit-show. Yeah, that was it.

"I think I can see some kind of scraps of paper in the corner over there," her company added on, pointing to one of the other screens showing the fight. When Lili had first found herself in the resort, one of the first people to greet her was this boy here, who introduced himself by saying that he had happened to catch the end of her feed. With some careful word choice and delicate phrasing, he explained to Lili that he had initially watching the feed of one of the corpses on the chapel floor - Coleen, he said her name was - because he was close to her in his waking life. Lili teased him and suggested that the two were in love, which he adamantly denied. Said that she never thought of him that way, and that the connection he perceived seemed more like one between - the one misstep in his otherwise purposeful word choice - a knight and his ward. Lili laughed at him, even more when he said his name was Arthur.

Like King Arthur? she had asked.

I pulled a spear out of a guy's body at one point, he added glumly.

One laughing fit on Lili's part later, the two decided to go over to watch the rest of the game. Carefully walking around an awkward confrontation in the lobby, they found their way into the game-room and picked a monitor that looked lively. Once that one ended, they found another, and another, until eventually they wound up watching the confrontation on screen just now.

Neither of them were too inclined to spend time with anyone they knew personally, at the moment.

"Did getting shot hurt?" Lili asked, watching one girl get grazed by a bullet, "because like, I don't know how that feels really, I mean, in a way that didn't completely kill you, y'know?"

"It kinda sucked," Arthur replied, sipping an orange soda, "but to tell you the truth, it's kind of hard to remember." Lili nodded in agreement, crossing her legs, as the gunfight quieted down for a moment.

"You shoulda just stabbed him."

"I know."

"I mean, like, seriously, it would've saved us both some trouble."

"I know."

The conversation continued, the sound of voices drowning out the sound of gunfire on screen.
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