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So I've been toying around with doing an art thread here for forever, and now that I feel confident enough with my art, now's a good time to start sharing it. But I thought to myself, how do I make this fun and interesting?

The solution was this outlandish idea. Hope y'all like it.

So yeah, I'm going to give your V7 kids fursonas. If you want me to, of course. I just need a traditional description of your kid, plus a fursona species and any design requests. Feel free to get creative with it! Honestly, these fursonas can be less 'exact anthropomorphized versions of your kids' and more 'what your kid would think up if they ever made a fursona' if you want! The portraits will look something like this, or this.

Due to my hectic schedule and fear of disappointing people, for the time being I'll be operating with a set queue. It's on a first come, first serve basis, but I'll definitely open up more rounds as time goes on!

Current Queue:

1. Abe Watanabe (Argentine tegu)
2. Zachary Beck (Lizard)

Completed Images
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