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Nate raised his head. He listened. Looked at Matt as he poured his heart out.

He wanted to interrupt, but he couldn’t. There was nothing to argue with, or disagree over. Matt was admitting what Nate had been thinking about him, would’ve told him in due time. He hated to admit it, but he knew it was true.

So why? Why was Matt still trying to help him, if he was such a terrible person? He had all the guns, all the experience, he could’ve ended this as soon as he’d started. He didn’t have to stand there, listen to Nate, let him punch him. He could’ve just kept going, doing what everyone wanted.

Nate stared down at the jacket held out between them. He reached out, and took it.

He looked back at Matt. The first person he’d met on the island, the person he’d wanted to help, the person he’d come to hate. Before all this, they hadn’t been anything, had never met. Now?

He ran forwards, and hugged him tight.

“Don’t talk like that! You don’t have to die, or kill people, or anything like that! I don’t care what you’ve done, ok? I don’t care, so just stop it already!”
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