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Who is this sassy lost child
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Jae paused.

"Is that a problem?" He didn't bother to disguise the note of... doubt? Suspicion? Whatever it was, he wasn't sure how to react to Kimiko's question.

What was her motive here? She seemed oddly concerned for someone who was direct competition, when she'd had no problem taking out... what was it now, five people? Six?

Jae snorted. Hell of a time to try and mend the long-severed ties of their friendship.

"What, you want to come with?"
"Art enriches the community, Steve, no less than a pulsing fire hose, or a fireman beating down a blazing door. So what if we're drawing a nude man? So what if all we ever draw is a nude man, or the same nude man over and over in all sorts of provocative positions? Context, not content! Process, not subject! Don't be so gauche, Steve, it's beneath you."

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