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“Of course you made a mistake, you fucking idiot!”

He reached forward, grabbed Matt by the collar. He stared him in the face, as tears finally started streaming down his own. He started yelling through his twisted, anguished expression.

“You killed people! Lots of people! You stood there, and told me with a straight face that you were ok with it! Winning was good enough for you!”

He stood there, staring Matt right in the face, not letting go.

“You don’t get to do this! You don’t get to turn around, and say that you ‘made a mistake’! You can’t just change your mind like that! You can’t just take it back!”

Nate was shaking as he yelled. His hand hurt from the unexpected punch, and his voice was already straining from the sudden yelling, but there was no way he was stopping now. It was overdue.

“I believed you! I was going to use that thing,” he let one hand go, to indicate the machete on the floor “because you told me that’s how things were! You and everyone else who bought into this whole stupid thing!”

He held tight a moment longer, then finally stopped shaking Matt, even as the tears kept streaming in full. He looked at someone he’d put so much faith in for no good reason, so disappointed, so betrayed. His grip relaxed, then let go.

“You could’ve just listened to me before, you didn’t have to do any of this.”

His head fell.

“None of us had to do any of this.”
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