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Min-Jae said that he had learned sign language during middle school. Kimiko had no idea why he had never told her before now. They must have only recently stopped talking regularly when he had learned enough, maybe he had been hoping to surprise her with it at some stage. She guessed she would never know what his intentions had been. Regardless of that fact it remained a touching gesture and one she appreciated even considering the situation they found themselves in.

Kimiko was about to reply to Min-Jae but he leaned back with his eyes closed. Him being comfortable enough around her to not feel the need to constant keep his eyes on her was something she hadn't expected. It didn't defuse the tension in the room but it eased it somewhat. They had reached an unspoken accord with each other. The shadow of violence was still present, as it always was, but it had retreated into the background.

Reaching out Kimiko repacked Min-Jae's first-aid kit and returned it to his bag. Something told her that he wasn't going to use it again. Opening her own bag Kimiko took out a water bottle and an energy bar beginning to eat what she supposed passed for a meal. After she finished eating the energy bar Kimiko raised her hands and began to sign out another question that had been playing on her mind.

"What's your plan?"

She asked the question, even though she had a strong suspicion she knew what the answer would be.
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