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Min-Jae didn't say anything for a while and then silently raised his hand up. There was nothing Kimiko could do to fix what it happened to it, she doubted there was anything even an experienced doctor could have done. His fingers were mangled and bent at strange angles, while the skin itself was split open. It looked like he had put his hand in a blender.

Kimiko didn't have anything she could do for Min-Jae other than cover them up, so that was what she did. Pulling the bandages over his hand and between his fingers a couple of times to make sure everything was safely covered. At the very least it would stop his hand from getting infected but Kimiko couldn't do any more than that. It was probably down to luck more than anything that Min-Jae still had the use of his hand.

After she was done Kimiko moved back and sat opposite Min-Jae with her legs crossed.

"That's the best I can do...sorry."

Things between the two of them seemed to be calm, neither of them were all that interested in a fight. The end result of that fight wasn't something Kimiko doubted. It wasn't something that she wanted to do either, especially after giving Min-Jae first-aid. Luckily he didn't seem interested in trying to double cross her so her thoughts stayed just that.

Instead she raised her hands to ask Min-Jae a question.

"When did you learn ASL?"
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