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It did not come out of nowhere. Yet the speed with which she just said it surprised Fiyori herself. She had thought she would have answered differently. If not with a different name, but in the way she came up with it. More considerate, more thoughtful. But now she just blurted his name and it felt completely natural.

Fiyori looked at Alba. She chewed on her lips, and let the silence fill the room for a moment. It was almost as if she pretended to come up with a reason.

She did have one, though. There were few things where she had reasons at all. Fewer where she had good ones. But she knew with certainty that Ty should had been among the living.

It was the only 'should' she demanded of the world. And as with everything else, the world did not answer because the world did not actually exist.

"...do... I mean, do you have someone?"
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