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Kimiko winced as Min-Jae pushed himself up into a seated position. It was painful enough just watching him move. She didn't want to imagine what it actually felt like for him to have to try and make his body do what he wanted. She nodded when he said he had supplies in his bag. She moved over and withdrew his first aid kit. She didn't worry about him potentially attacking her. He was struggling to stay sitting upright, so it would have been a big ask to expect him to be able to fight. Luckily when his hands moved again it was merely to ask her a question.

Min-Jae's first aid kit still had a full roll of bandages inside it. It wasn't a surprising find, judging from his condition Min-Jae hadn't been taking very good care of himself. Kimiko pulled out the scissors that came with the kit, she knew there were blunted so they weren't a danger to either of them. As she turned and looked back over Min-Jae she realised that giving him first aid was going to be the equivalent of papering over a hole in the wall. The hole was still there, you just couldn't see it.

As she began unrolling the bandages Min-Jae signed another question to her. Asking how she was, Kimiko set the bandages back down in the first-aid kit as she signed out a response.


That was the best answer she could give.

"I'd ask how you are but..."

Her hands dropped and she picked the bandages back up, it looked like the worst of Min-Jae's bleeding was around his stomach so she would start there.
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