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Blair walked out, not turning her back on Kimiko or Min-Jae until she was around the corner and out of view. It was smart from her point of view, especially considering who she was in the room with.

After she left a long silence descended over the room, smothering it. Two killers, not in a stand-off but not at ease. The only real noise was her and Min-Jae's breathing. There wasn't any noise coming from anywhere nearby, they were as alone as they could be within the asylum. The little corner of it they found themselves in adrift from the rest. If either one of them decided to kill the other the only way anyone still alive would find out was if they heard it on the announcement. Kimiko still held the rifle. She could have just shot Min-Jae right then, he was a killer like her, it wasn't like anyone else left would care one or another.

Her index finger on her right hand still rested on the trigger.

Then Min-Jae spoke.

His response to her question wasn't surprising to Kimiko but the second statement he made was the revealing one. She had known that people wanted to kill her, she was aware of how they all viewed her. But it hurt that someone who had once been her friend had wanted to kill her. She knew it made no sense to be hurt or upset by it. She knew that there was no reason to continually feel the way she did about everyone's opinions of her. In the end they didn't matter and she knew that, she had accepted that, but deep down some part of her still hoped for some other response. There wouldn't be anything like that though. She had killed Caleb after all.

Perhaps that was why despite everything she had planned and worked out she found herself removing her finger from the trigger of her gun and climbing over the divide.

She crouched down, while keeping her gaze focused on Min-Jae the entire time, to rest the gun against the wall and raised her hands up to begin to sign.

"Do you want first aid?"

Kimiko was sure she wouldn't be able to help Min-Jae with his injuries.

The offer was a gesture more than anything; they had been friends after all and a friend had given her help and treated her like a person when she needed it.

Maybe that was why she decided to try and help him.

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