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It was a strange sensation. Fiyori had spend a few days at the cafeteria. For the most part of it, it only remained a blur. She didn't have her glasses, and as such she couldn't make out the details of the room she inhabited. Even when she regained her glasses, Fiyori just got angry and bolted. Seeing the cafeteria and the kitchen, now with glasses and a relatively calm mind was really amazing.

She felt so nostalgic, and yet it is as if a new world opened.

She enjoyed this feeling. She could have used more of it.

"Hm, well. To be honest I've got no fucking clues. There are some names on the tip of my tongue but I just can't get to them."

Fiyori shrugged, and gazed at the cupboards. They screamed at her, cried for her to dance with them. That was all in Fiyori's mind, of course, because cupboards do not dance. She chuckled, and rejected their advances.

"Who knows, maybe that's it. Maybe we... four... I mean, five people are all that's left now."
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