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When Kimiko lowered her gun, Blair was glad to follow suit. If Kimiko wasn't going to be an aggressor, Blair would be happy not to start something herself.

Still, this situation was still very awkward. Kimiko and Jae's communication was completely impenetrable to Blair, and though Kimiko was clearly trying to communicate to Blair with some sort of hand signals, she had trouble identifying the actual meaning.

Briefly pausing when Kimiko was done, Blair watched the other girl and tried to piece together Kimiko's statement. It was still frustrating, and it made her feel weird. Stupid, like she was a strange animal that the humans were attempting to communicate with. She was pretty sure she got the jist of what was meant; they weren't planning anything. Great. She supposed that if they were planning something then they wouldn't waste time telling her they weren't when they could just continue scheming.

Or it was a complex cat-and-mouse game of predicting the other party's moves. But that was stupid and nobody would waste time like that here.

All that said, Blair was eager to take her leave as soon as possible. Travelling with two other known killers would definitely raise eyebrows, and given that there were probably a few more people out for any of the trio's blood, it would seem a safer bet to stick to her tactic of going at it solo.

Blair stood up, slowly. "Okay, I can see you two are busy." Blair spoke. Her voice was perhaps a bit too flippant about the situation, but what could she do? "Not to be abrupt, but I think I'll be heading off. Uh, good luck, I guess." Geez, something so cheery in normal life was so morbid by now. It was like 'oh, hope you don't die but kinda hope you do because there can only be one etcetera,' and it was just grim. If anything it was just a self-assurance that hey, you were nice. You didn't kill them, you just hoped they died to someone else so you didn't have to deal with it. Yay!

Blair walked backwards from the two, and once she felt confident enough in her departure she turned around. Once she passed the corner, she broke into a brisk jog.

((Blair Moore continued in Amen))
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