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Fiyori felt there was a great opportunity for a joke passing by. Some kind of word play about 'covers'. Honestly, had she been blessed by a blanket or something she could've made the joke practical. She could've thrown the blanket at Alba and then she'd been 'provided cover'.

And that could've been hilarious.

Well, maybe not. Alba probably would not have been that amused. Just very irritated, or confused. And that wouldn't be a joke anymore, but an awkward moment.


"You know, that reminds me..."

Fiyori trailed off. She drummed her fingers against the tables. She slid her palm over the etched-in names, but didn't pay them any further attention.

Then, she caught up to Alba and leaned against the frame of the threshold.

The kitchen was the place where Georgia Lee and Fiyori had pissed in. Now, all of a sudden, Fiyori started wondering if some of it was still there. She could've sworn she prepared a pan full of her piss for a certain surprise but, well, she might have started switching memories up.

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