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Matt burst out laughing, slinking back to where he was sitting down. After all of this, he was looking for justification. After everything that he had done - this is what he was asking him about. He didn't need to justify anything to anyone. Slowly, he placed the gun on his lap, making sure the safety was off.

"You wanna know why. I can tell. You wanna know why your good buddy Matt killed four people."

He picked the gun up by the barrel and held it out for Nate.

"Look around you. That's your reason. I'm not a winner or a loser. I'm just one guy. What am I supposed to do in this situation? Heroically lay down and let someone else kill me? Start killing everyone for attention?" Slowly, Matt started to rise to his feet, still holding the gun out for Nate to take.

"I can't tell you why I won't kill you, Nate. I can't tell myself why I killed or didn't kill anybody. I can't even remember half the people I've killed." Slowly, he started yelling.

"I want to know the point of all this. I want to know what any of this is supposed to prove about who I am as a person. I don't want to win. You think that's what this is about? Winning some shitty little game?" He started approaching him. The gun was within reach.

"Trying to justify any of this is pathetic. It's just about the most thoughtless thing I can think of!"
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