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Fiyori thought the announcements were some good pieces of news. She'd have hazarded a guess that Alba felt different. Because Alba liked to feel different than Fiyori in matters like these, but that was alright. Fiyori was fucking hyped and she didn't need anyone else for that.

They were called 'the elite survivors'. A sarcastic remark, to be sure, but it meant something important. It meant that Fiyori was really right about her assumption. This was the last stretch of the game. No, this was the last day of the game. Come sunset, there would be only student standing and that was the greatest thing Fiyori ever looked for.

The anticipation was killing her almost as good as any bullet did. She'd have never thought that this painful pounding of her own heart could be so pleasant at the same time.

Either way, the even better news was that every area outside the asylum was off-limits. That was good. No, that was great. In fact, the greatest. Now it was only a matter of hours, and then Fiyori would finally find that mute cunt and that goth loser and kill them dead.

She was getting jittery.

[Fiyori Senay, continued from Family Reunion]

Alba has asked Fiyori whether anyone could have hidden somewhere in the cafeteria. Now, Fiyori was the resident expert on this room. It was her who spend the most time here among the tables and benches, even if she wasn't able to see shit most of the time.

Fiyori grasped the edge of one table to stabilize herself. She lowered her high head - pain flaring up in her side as she crouched down - and looked under the tables themselves. Among all the rows, she couldn't find a single person hiding. Her glasses were sliding off. Fiyori readjusted them before they fell.

"Nope, not here. Maybe look if someone's in the kitchen."
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