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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from Family Reunion))

Alba traced her hand along a cafeteria table. The cafeteria was empty as far as she and Fiyori could tell, but that didn't mean they were alone. After making the memorial for the Art Therapy kids, they had spent part of the night wandering the asylum, but didn't manage to find anyone. They turned in early, and tried their best to sleep the night away.

The announcement this morning said they were among "the elite survivors" of their group, which must have meant they were really close to the end. Alba couldn't believe that it was that close to the end. Maybe she would reach nightfall at this rate.

The names were upsetting to hear. They confirmed Fiyori's killing of Caedyn, reminding Alba of the horrible duel from yesterday. Even worse, they revealed that Jon had died. Jae killed him, making that another person Alba cared about that Jae took away. She had wished she had gone with Jon, but she knew there was a chance she would have died as well. She couldn't dwell on what-could-have-beens at this point. She just knew Jae had to go down if she saw him. If anything, she now wished she didn't leave Jon's jacket in the radio tower. She should have kept it as a tribute to him or something.

Alba's murder of Emma Luz was then announced. Emma was revealed to have killed Keith, one of the other bodies in the art therapy room, and the announcer called her their "resident paranoid." It looked like they were making Emma to be the worse person in this situation, but Alba couldn't believe that. Paranoid or not, Emma didn't deserve to die like that.

The Danger Zones also revealed that the kids wouldn't be able to leave the asylum anymore. Now they were more likely to find anyone left. Jae, Kimiko, and Bryony would have to be somewhere in the asylum. The chances of finding anyone were greater now.

Alba turned to Fiyori.

"Do you think this place is clear? I don't know if there's anyone hiding here."
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