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He'd been here before. The three, maybe more, corpses (some fresher than others) were certainly an interesting new change in decor. He couldn't entirely recall how many days he had spent in here - two or three, at least. Just him, Nate, and Ben. He hadn't seen Nate in a while. He knew he was still alive. That could change, today. Ben was dead. He'd been dead for a long time, now. Almost a week.

For one brief moment, Matt felt something resembling sadness. Days after the fact, he mourned the death of someone he could consider a friend. A good ally, at least. He sat down, placing the gun he had just been rewarded onto the floor in front of him. He looked down at the buffalo wings. They looked delicious. Golden brown, slathered in sauce - he wondered if it was eating bread he'd taken off of dead bodies for days that was making them look so good.

He looked around for a camera. He was never particularly good at spotting them. Past a certain point, he just stopped caring about them. Eventually, he found one. He placed the basket of wings next to the gun and rose to his feet, moving towards it. He looked up at it, not entirely sure if anyone was watching him. Could they hear what he was saying?

He briefly glanced back at the spot he was just sitting in. He looked back to the camera and felt desperation welling up inside of him. The question that had been gnawing away at his sanity since he had first come here.

Quietly, Matt asked why this was happening.

He was met with silence. No answer.

Slowly, he moved back to where he was sitting.
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