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So Alba muttered her prayer. In another time, Fiyori would have belittled her for this action. She always thought a lot about herself, and the world at large. It wasn't like Fiyori thought she was the smartest cookie in the jar, or the world's next Immanuel Kant. All she had were her idle thoughts, coated in dark impulses and clouded by a fear of being alive.

Yet even though Fiyori would've never called herself special, she always felt special for thinking one specific thought - to have found the one answer to the great question: that god was dead, that he had never existed in the first place. And that all who worshiped him were deluded and foolish.

Fiyori watched Alba finish her prayer.

Whether Fiyori had the same belief or not didn't matter anymore. In the end, it was an answer to a question that could have been left unasked and none would've been the wiser. All Fiyori knew now - and the one thing that made her feel special - was this fraternal love she felt towards Alba. This friendship of mutualism and circumstances. And no matter what happened, Fiyori could only hold Alba dear.

Fiyori prayed, that this would Alba's last night.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued elsewhere]]
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