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Mr. Danya
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Hi, guys! So, as some of you may already know and some of you may not, only the members of the final ten and staff can see the rolls right now. So without any further ado here are your final rolls of V6:

1. Blair Moore (Espi)
2. Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
3. Bryony Adams (Pippin)
4. Alba Reyes (Laurels)
5. Matthew Moradi (Privyet)
6. Alice Baker (Aura)

Here is the timer for cards:

Posted Image

And the one for deaths:

Posted Image

Just a few quick points now that the admin is out of the way:

Obviously like in V5 we're keeping this a secret to add to the suspense and increase the engagement of the site as a whole, and like in V5 we think it would mean a lot if people kept things quiet. Since as we've all seen things can spread fast on the site so as soon as the rolls get out that'll be it.

However we do respect that this is all about everyone that is left in the game, so if you want to talk about your own character's status as rolled/unrolled, it's your choice and is completely fine. If you want to spoil everything, we'll be pretty disappointed and it'll ruin everyone else's fun so let's try not to do that. We aren't going to have a strict rule enforcing secrecy or anything, we just think that it's just that bit cooler for everyone if they don't know what's going to happen.

Heroes may of course, still be played for this cycle, but any cards not used now will become null and void in three days time. They're gone forever and will not be carried over into V7.

Soon after card time has passed, we will open a board for the Endgamers to discuss winner selection and Endgame planning.

Congratulations to everyone for making it this far. This is a great final 10 and it's good to see so many new faces mixed in with older handlers who may have been here before. So the staff team as a whole can't wait to see what you all do to make this final 10 as exciting and dramatic as it possibly can be.

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