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Eh, I'm going to sleep and should probably put a vote down because the phase will end while I do that and we don't want a no lynch soooooooo


Cicada's latest post pings me as town because that's totally the tone I use when I think I'm about to eat a lynch plus CBP has be weirdly jumpy in their posts.

Oh shit, uh, yes, role received, probably should have made note of that earlier.

I have no clue what bandwagon to jump onto. All of these are super shitposty and unpersuasive, but I feel the peer pressure,

So, uh

Vote: Deamon for being curiously brief in his post.

Is this the part where I snap my fingers, go "Darn it!" and start openly twirling my mustache like the villain I've so quickly been made out to be?

In short terms I feel like mountains are being made out of molehills here. I meant nothing by it but the insistence that it "must be a trick!" or that I'm baiting means that I don't think I'll undo it, really, not quite yet.

I'm hesitant to switch my vote quite just yet but that analysis of Cicada's posts was quick and snappy enough to get me to UNVOTE Deamon. Probably caused more trouble than it was worth anyways. All I can say is that this has been maybe the worst fallout any joke I've ever attempted to make has ever had, lol.

The switching onto Cic when they were catching flak seemed more like a deflection than an actual vote with meaning as it was followed up by not much.

Obviously I'm not 100% sure about this but it is what it is since there's not much to go off and time is ticking so:

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